Steven’s Story: Pre-Apprenticeship with the Bricklayers of New Jersey and Project Impact (Video)

“This is something I want to do for the rest of my life. And if it’s something that I enjoy doing, I put my all into it.” 

Steven is one of our clients who has benefited from our partnership with Project Impact, which gave him the opportunity to enroll in a pre-apprenticeship program with the Bricklayers of New Jersey (BAC Local 4 NJ). Watch his story here:


Video by Stefanie Campolo

Cid’s Story: NJ Build Pre-Apprenticeship Training (Video)

Cid shares her experience working as a pre-apprentice through NJ Build’s Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program with Project Impact and the New Jersey Reentry Corporation. The program trains individuals for careers in the construction trade unions, and pre-apprentices receive OSHA 10 certification, education preparation for union entrance exams, and linkage to union apprenticeships and job placement. Cid is one of 30 pre-apprentices who recently graduated from the program, having completed 240 hours of construction labor preparation in partnership with Jersey City Department of Public Works.

Video by Stefanie Campolo

National #ReentryWeek: Client Stories

U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch has declared the last week of April “National Reentry Week” (April 24–30). We are using this opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of helping persons returning from incarceration. Please hear from our clients as they share how our employment and training program has helped them through the reentry process.

Mark’s Story:

Kedar’s Story:


Please click on the image above for his story.

Francisco’s Story:

Vimeo Video Post

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