Video: Once a Head Cook in Federal Prison, Now a Cook at a Local Café

One week after completing our program, our client, Candido, landed a job as a cook at the Light Rail Cafe in Jersey City. He had a tremendous amount of experience; he had worked as a head cook in federal prison for more than 20 years, where he also supervised 20 additional employees. Originally given a release date of 2035, Candido was among more than 200 individuals who were granted clemency by President Barack Obama in 2016. Video by Stefanie Campolo

Surprise Visit from Vernett, a Former Client

We were pleased to have a surprise visit from Vernett today! She is a former client of Helena Muhammad and Jim McGreevey from the Integrity House unit of the Hudson County Correctional Center. Today, she is six years sober, enrolled in college to become a drug and alcohol counselor, and on track to graduate next spring. She stopped by Martin’s Place this morning to share her success story, and she expressed interest in helping to promote our program and to offer her services. We are proud of Vernett’s success and how she transformed her life by overcoming addiction, maintaining sobriety, and going back to school.


Request for Proposals: Out of School Youth Program

Please click here or on the document below to view the full Request for Proposals for our Out of School Youth Program.

Proposals are due on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 by 4 p.m.

Letters of intent are due by October 12.

Answers to Technical Bid Questions can be found here.
Award of Bid will be announced on Wednesday, November 23.
Expected Program Start Date is Monday, December 5.