New Maintenance Job for Our Client, Terry

Congratulations to our client, Terry, on his new maintenance job at an apartment complex! He completed our program one week ago and already found employment. He has had maintenance positions in the past as well. “This program gave me a nice boost in what I wanted to do, and it taught me to dress for success,” he said. He is pictured with his case manager (and our former client), Rev. Bolivar Flores.


Clients Enroll in 13-Week Coding Program

Our clients and staff attended a meeting with CODE IT in Hoboken to learn about and enroll in their hands-on, 13-week coding program. Students learn through a mix of lectures, workshops, projects, pair-programming, and a Capstone Project. This is followed by an internship and/or full time job. By the time students graduate from CODE IT, they will have a minimum of three projects in their software engineering portfolio.



Construction work and boxing lessons for our client, Pedro

Our client, Pedro, stopped by recently to say hello and to update us on how he’s doing. He has been keeping busy with a great construction job and also volunteering his time to teach local youth how to box, a sport he has always been passionate about. “This is not just a program; it’s a family-oriented place,” he said of our program. “People here really care. I’m grateful for their support.”


New job for our client, Jerome

Congratulations to our client, Jerome, who just got hired as a certified forklift driver after completing our program in the spring. “This program helped me stay focused and not give up. There are very good people here,” he said. “The employment specialist here put me in the right direction when I was looking for a job.” Jerome has also been spreading the word about our program. When he stopped by our office to share the good news about his new job, he brought a friend with him so he could sign up.


National Career Institute and NJ BUILD Commencement Ceremony 2017

Congratulations to all of the apprenticeship graduates of the National Career Institute (NCI) and NJ BUILD! We are so proud of all you have accomplished this year. Students graduated with certifications in a variety of tracks, including Electrical Assistant and HVAC, HVAC I and II, Electrical Assistant, General Construction, Plumbers Assistant and Building Maintenance, and more. The technical training at NCI provides graduates with the necessary experience and skills to enter into the trade unions and establish a successful career for themselves.

Thank you to commencement speakers Freeholder Bill O’Dea (keynote speaker); Senator Sandra Cunningham, Dr. George Blount, President, NCI; Assemblywoman Angela McKnight, and Debbie Duhaime, Total Traffic 7 Eyewitness News, for their support on our graduates’ unforgettable day. A special thank you to Congressman Donald Payne Jr. and to the New Jersey Department of Transportation for their tremendous support as well.
Robert Austin, EA/HVAC
Degol Tesfagabr, EA-ES
Michael Fawzy Ibrahim, NJ BUILD
Joumana Ellameh, CMOS
Bryan Ormiston, EA/HVAC
Shane Vader, EA-ES
Esteban Heredia, NJ BUILD
Honorable Mentions: 
Tanya Brown, CMOS
Yenifer Garcia Lopez, CMAE
Mohamed Mohamadin, EA/HVAC
Carlos Cepeda, EA-ES
William Gilmore, EA-ES
Kaseem Newsome, GC
Andre Gabriel, GC-ES
Robert Roman, HVAC
Derek Miller, NJ BUILD
Kathleen Hambrecht, NJ BUILD
Joe Bennett, NJ BUILD
Angel Sanchez, NJ BUILD
Glass of 2017 Graduates:
Medhat Abdelgawad, EA/HVAC
Javier Aguilera, NJ BUILD
Jose Anchundia, GC
Robert Austin, EA/HVAC
James Bailey, NJ BUILD
Joe Bennett, NJ BUILD
Mena Basada, EA/HVAC
Jeannette Bran, CMOS
Cory Brown, NJ BUILD
Devin Brown, EA/HVAC
Tanya Brown, CMOS
Ana Camacho, NJ BUILD
Fabian Caraballo, NJ BUILD
David Cardona, NJ BUILD
Edel Careaga, NJ BUILD
John Carter, NJ BUILD
Catherine Casas, CMAE
Carlos Cepeda, GC-ES
Robert Cherry, HVAC-ES
James Chilsom, NJ BUILD
Omar Cosme, CMAE
Richard Crecca, NJ BUILD
Corey Dames, EA/HVAC
David Darby, NJ BUILD
Ambar Del Valle, CMOS
Mohamed Diarra, EA/HVAC
Joumana Ellameh, CMOS
Eugene Falconetti, Jr., EA/HVAC
Aslam Fata, EA/HVAC
Ivan Feliciano, EA
Peter Fresse, EA/HVAC
Andre Gabriel, GC-ES
James Gastelo, EA
William Gilmore, EA-ES
David Gilmore, NJ BUILD
Akeem Glaze, NJ BUILD
Joy Gonzalez, NJ BUILD
Anselm Greene, NJ BUILD
Jaffet Guenard, HVAC-ES
Norman Hall, GC-ES
Kathleen Hembrecht, NJ BUILD
Robert Hendrix, NJ BUILD
Esteban Heredia, NJ BUILD
Rigney Hood, NJ BUILD
Michael Fawzy Ibrahim, NJ BUILD
Michael Johnson, GC-ES
Doreen Kates, CMOS
Ourana Kinamore, CMOS
Virginia Lancellotti, NJ BUILD
Jamal Little, EA/HVAC
Abena Liverpool, EA/HVAC
Darrell Logan, HVAC
Yenifer Garcia Lopez, CMAE
Rachel Lopez-Richie, CMAE
Kareem St. Louis, NJ BUILD
Jamaar Maignan, EA/HVAC
Michael Marcano, NJ BUILD
Maria Marti, CMAE
Monica Maryland, NJ BUILD
Eric Matarazzo, NJ BUILD
Gabriel Marrero, EA
Isadora Mauricio, CMOS
Rodney McPherson, NJ BUILD
Jessica Mejia, CMAE
Kimberly Merced, CMAE
Derek Miller, NJ BUILD
James Miozzi, GC-ES
Jean Missial, NJ BUILD
Mohamed Mohamadin, EA/HVAC
Nelson Morales, NJ BUILD
Gabriella Morales, CMAE
Jason Morrison, NJ BUILD
Denise Mosby, CMAE
Douglas Newsome, NJ BUILD
Kaseem Newsome, GC
Bryan Ormiston, EA/HVAC
Orlando Pagan, NJ BUILD
Devang Patel, EA/HVAC
Omar Petterson, EA/HVAC
F Thomas Ramirez, NJ BUILD
Johne Reed, NJ BUILD
Eric Reid, NJ BUILD
Alex Reid, CMAE
Nathan Rivera, NJ BUILD
Nathaniel Robertson, EA/HVAC
Victor Roco, EA/HVAC
Rafael Rodriguez, NJ BUILD
Telmo Rodriguez, NJ BUILD
Josue Rodriguez, EA/HVAC
Marlon Rodriguez, EA/HVAC
Robert Roman, HVAC
Richard Roman, CMAE
Lesly Romero, CMAE
Angel E. Sanchez, NJ BUILD
Stephen Savitsky, HVAC
Tyquan A. Smith, EA/HVAC
Sergey Soytu, NJ BUILD
Chrissy Speaks, NJ BUILD
Thomas Suber, NJ BUILDD
Tashera Taliaferro, EA
Kasim Thurston, NJ BUILD
Degol Tesfagabr, EA/ES
Christian Urbano-Camones, EA/HVAC
Shane Vader, EA-ES
Kimberly Judith Villegas, CMAE
David Walker, EA/HVAC
Ryan Wooten, NJ BUILD
Jose Yunes, EA/HVAC
Photos by Stefanie Campolo
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