A Visit with Our Client, Krista

It was great to see our client, Krista, who stopped by today to say hello. We’re so glad she’s doing well! She completed our orientation program last year and secured employment at a trucking company shortly after. She has been employed at the same company since, where she works as a logistics coordinator. She has been able to secure her own apartment as well.

“This program helped me in so many ways,” she said. “Help is available if you want to put in the effort. They helped me with welfare and employment connections; it’s hard to find employment opportunities on your own. I learned how to present myself during job interviews as well. Ms. Muhammad was a great emotional support and provided wonderful advice.”


Gabriella’s First Day of Work

Best wishes to our client, Gabriella, on her new job today as a call center representative at a real estate agency! She completed our orientation program last month. “My advice to others in this program is to speak up. I used to deal with a lot of pride and didn’t ask for help,” she said. “The employees here really care. They push you to do your best. Ms. Muhammad was my case manager; I love how raw she is… She and Cherina [in HR] at the front desk were always so helpful.”