“If you want a job, they’re going to help you get a job”

Congratulations to our client, Keisha, on her new job! She completed our program last week and landed a job by Monday. “This is a great program; you get the help that you want, but you have to be motivated and do your part, too,” she said. When asked what she would tell others who might be interested in the program, she said, “Go! They really help you. If you want a job, they’re going to help you get a job. They also helped me with my resume, ID, and birth certificate.”


Why Our Client, Donald, Appreciates Our Program

It was great to see our client, Donald, who stopped by today to tell us about his new job. He works in the shipping and receiving department at a large company, where he has been employed for nearly three months. Raised in New York City and now residing in Jersey City, Donald said our program provides the best services that he has come across for people in reentry. He added, “The staff helped me look for employment, they did mock interviews, and they helped me get my birth certificate,” he said. “My case manager (Patricia, pictured) followed up with me to check in, too.” We wish you all the best, Donald!


New Maintenance Job for Our Client, Terry

Congratulations to our client, Terry, on his new maintenance job at an apartment complex! He completed our program one week ago and already found employment. He has had maintenance positions in the past as well. “This program gave me a nice boost in what I wanted to do, and it taught me to dress for success,” he said. He is pictured with his case manager (and our former client), Rev. Bolivar Flores.


Clients Enroll in 13-Week Coding Program

Our clients and staff attended a meeting with CODE IT in Hoboken to learn about and enroll in their hands-on, 13-week coding program. Students learn through a mix of lectures, workshops, projects, pair-programming, and a Capstone Project. This is followed by an internship and/or full time job. By the time students graduate from CODE IT, they will have a minimum of three projects in their software engineering portfolio.



Construction work and boxing lessons for our client, Pedro

Our client, Pedro, stopped by recently to say hello and to update us on how he’s doing. He has been keeping busy with a great construction job and also volunteering his time to teach local youth how to box, a sport he has always been passionate about. “This is not just a program; it’s a family-oriented place,” he said of our program. “People here really care. I’m grateful for their support.”