A Career Beacon Orientation is a group of individuals who meet once weekly and it is a training module combined with the orientation. It is offered to customers who have attended a Re-employment Orientation(RO), or referred by an Employment Counselor and expressed interest in training for skills upgrade or new trade.

This Orientation provides information on services available at the Jersey City One Stop Career Center. Some of the populations who are served by this orientation include: 55+ Program (offers part-time employment to older workers); Veterans Program, Employment Services (job search assistance) Resume Preparation, Resource Room Access, which includes Computer/Copier/Fax Services, Unemployment Section, which helps a customer understand the eligibility process to receive UI benefits, DVR(Assessment and assistant as determined) Section 8(housing Unit) etc. WIA, assistance in vocational training/skill upgrade.

The Pre-requisite for consideration for vocational training includes: 1) Completing a 4-week job search Program and 2) Self assessment evaluation (used by Intensive Case Managers in initial assessments). The Training module of Career Beacon, introduces the NJDOLWD Website, covering, Demand Occupations, the Employment Outlook, Career Development, and finally the Occupation Explorer. This orientation is needed to ensure that the customer makes an informed choice before looking attending any type of Occupational Skills Program.