The Jersey City Employment and Training Program, Inc. specializes in providing case assessment and testing services for a myriad of populations. The laid off and out-of-work populations receive a high level Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE) that is administered by the agency’s Manager of Special Grants. These results are used to ensure that a person enrolled in a training program meet the academic requirements set forth for a specific training program.

Youth receive a similar TABE test, but of a version that is fit for youth. This helps assess their academic skill level and then during the school year the contracted vendor works with the youth to ensure those scores are raised and that they are equipped academically to pass the state exams and complete their high school diploma.

Customers who receive public assistance are given test assessments through the Employment Services in Jersey City and then attend Life Skills programs where their skills are assessed and honed. It is possible for a customer to secure employment from the Life Skills program, but more generally they will attend training programs to secure employment. The bottom line they need to also have the academic integrity to complete training so academic assessments are done.