NJCC Issues and Action: The Role of the Church in New Jersey’s Addiction Crisis


Our executive director, Jim McGreevey, had the opportunity to deliver the Keynote Address at the New Jersey Council of Churches (NJCC) “Issues and Action” Event on Saturday, April 29, where he discussed the role┬áthat addiction plays in contributing to New Jersey’s prison population. Workshops at “Issues and Action” included the Basics of Opioids, How to Do Outreach in the Community, the Criminal Justice System and Opioids, and Addiction Issues and Public Policy.

Speakers and workshop leaders included Rev. Charles Boyer, Founder, Salvation and Social Justice; Rev. Jackie Burgess, Pastor, United Methodist Church; Marcus Burnett, Vice President, NJCC; Dr. Robert Eilers, Medical Director, NJ Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services; Joan M. Diefenbach, Esq., Director, NJCC; Canon Clara Gregory, Diocese of New Jersey; Co-Chair NJCC Public Policy Group; Rev. Joyce Phipps, Esq., United Church of Christ, Co-Chair NJCC Public Policy Group; and Roseanne Scotti, New Jersey Drug Policy Alliance.
Please click here to view the program.