Construction Industry Career Day

Construction Industry Career Day was an excellent opportunity for the building trades to do what they do best, which is to provide training opportunities to young New Jersey men and women to develop the skills necessary for the building trade employment opportunities. There was a tremendous response not only from the building trades but most importantly from the community, from YouthBuild, Project Impact, JCETP clients, and high school students from throughout the state.

We are also very grateful for the support of William Millea, of the New Jersey State Building and Trades Council, and Gary Lanigan, Commissioner, Department of Corrections, who serve on the Vocational Training Planning Board. Our Executive Director, Jim McGreevey, was appointed by Governor Christie as a representative of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association. The board works to provide for vocational training opportunities for persons under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections in an effort to improve prospective employment.

The full board membership list includes:

Gary M. Lanigan, DOC Commissioner; Chairman
Nicolae Borota, Office of Career Readiness
Joel Thomas, Assistant Director, State Strategic Initiatives
Michael James Makara, Senate President Recommendation
Frank J. Gargiulo, Assembly Speaker Recommendation
Jason Crispin, Governor Appointee
Honorable Jim McGreevey, NJ Business & Industry Association
William Millea, NJ State Building and Trades Council
Dr. Kimberly Metz, NJ Council of County Vocational- Technical School
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