One Week Out to Reentry Conference!

Re-Entry Conference 20140417Dear Friend,

Thank you for joining with us at our Reentry Conference next week. During this Holy Season of Passover and Easter, we are reminded that the meaning of life can be discovered in ancient truths and narratives.

Exodus tells the Biblical story of the Israelites journey from slavery to freedom. For many of our clients, the story resonates deeply, as they move from the slavery of addiction and imprisonment to a healthier sense of self and the freedom to make godly decisions. The Easter narrative describes Jesus’ rejection of Rome’s temporal rule and authority and his profound acceptance of the will of God in his life.

Our conference this year focuses upon the “Prisoner’s Story.” What are the influences that bring one to jail and prison? How does incarceration effect a person, their sense of self, family, and community? What is our hope to assist persons to return to productive living? And, lastly, with Mayor Fulop’s leadership, how are we spreading the message and practice of our experience at Martin’s Place here on MLK, Jersey City throughout our state?

We have a full day with many great speakers, World Champion Mike Tyson, former NY Times journalist Chris Hedges, U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman, medical doctors, and a very funny one man show about prison life entitled “Bullpen”, which the NY Times described as “extremely funny.”

Most importantly, we have you! Your participation, showing up next Thursday, and frankly giving a damn for “the least of these” will help change their lives and make for a better community and a better America.

So, thank you for coming next Thursday to St. Peter’s, thank you for your witness to the hope of second chances, and thank you for helping each of us become what God calls us to be.

See you next week, fondly,


2nd Annual Prisoner Reentry Conference